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What does it mean to relate to others by language use?
What can we do with it to do so?
What does it mean to ‘language’ our lives?

… in this research project we seek to find answers to the questions. I, that is Sandra Radinger, invite you to become a co-researcher in exploring the meaning of language in today’s world.

In these explorations, we ask, for example, how we experience competence, agency, and willingness in language use and pay specific attention to situations that confront us with our own languaging habits being challenged. Participants’ experience of confrontation with such situations is highly relevant for re-considering linguistic practice and theory of language, since communication today takes place in various virtual and analoguous spaces and in languages more or less shared from the start (e.g. in lingua franca communication).

Insights are expected to help understand human needs related to language and what influences our room for maneouvre in language use. This understanding in turn can help, for example, to design institutional spaces of interaction where power relations amongst speakers are typically unequal, in ways that allow for greatest possible linguistic room for maneouvre for the speakers involved.

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This website has been created as an exchange platform for a participatory research project on lived language experience, carried out by Sandra Radinger as her dissertational research at the University of Vienna. Participants own experiences are at the core of this project. Exploration and research happens in collaboration with them.

Together we aim at exploring established and at gaining new perspectives on the challenges and chances people, that is – YOU – experience in language use today.

Project partners

Institut für Philosophische Praxis und Sorgekultur (AT)
Stadtbibliothek Graz (AT)
Verein Peregrina, Wien (AT)
Sprach- und Lebensschule (AT)
Fremde Werden Freunde, Wien (AT)