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You can now participate in the lived language project by sharing and exploring your experiences, stories, and thoughts via an online survey

On completion of the survey, you can take the chance to discuss and explore your thoughts and experiences with me. In this follow-up meeting we can try better understand possible challenges and evaluate their relevance to individual and societal measures to confront them.

What your data and contribution will be used for:

Via this online survey I am collecting thoughts and experiences of language from very different people. In a next step, I am using scientific methods to filter out the main topics, trying to answer what it is after all that people are confronted with as they ‚language‘ the world. The insights gained will allow to draw implications, for example, on whether language education addresses these isssues.

The survey is available in English, German, Turkish, Arabic, French, and Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian. Thanks a lot to the translators who have helped me make the survey more accessible!

Eva Pecolt joins the team

Furthermore, as promised last time, Eva Pecolt introduces herself. She will support the project as a student assistant from September to December 2021.

Dear participants; dear interested parties,

my name is Eva Pecolt and I am studying English and History (inter alia, in the teacher program) at the University of Vienna.

One of my main interests in language, academically and privately speaking, is the connection between language and gender. In this regard, I ask, for instance, how the function and use of language are dependent on gender. Furthermore, I contemplate the extent to which language is (in-)capable of describing and defining gender relations.

As the project also asks about language use and its limits, I am really looking forward to being the helping hand in it from September onwards, and gaining new insights into how people (that is: you) experience and live language.



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Did you know, there’s a workshop-series about lived language experience in the public library in Graz?
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