Become a participant and explore your own and others’ language use and experience in the contemporary world! Below you find different opportunities for engaging in this shared social learning process (e.g. survey, workshops, blog entries, interviews).

Current participation options


with Public Library Graz

Autumn 2021
23. Aug / 4. Oct / 8. Nov / 13. Dec

Visitors of the Public Library are meeting to explore their everyday language-lives and what our language(s) have to do with ‘good life’.

Online Philo Salon

We meet to philosophize about a chosen topic related to (the lived experience of) language.

For example: What does it mean to share a language? When would we speak of ‘shared’ language?

After a short input regarding the topic question, we engage in the attempt to understand, together.

Place: Online room (Zoom)

Time: will be fixed with the participants

“Sprache & das gute Leben”

with Azima Projekt and FremdeWerdenFreunde

Place: Freunde Salon,
Garnisongasse 11, 1090 Vienna

21. Oct / 28. Oct / 4. Nov / 11. Nov

Visitors of the Freunde Salons are meeting to explore the relationship between language and the ‘good life’.

Upcoming participation options

My language – your language –
our language

Explorative focus-group sessions

Summer & Autumn 2021

In these sessions persons who share a professional or biographical background are supported to explore the meaningfulness of language(s) in their daily lives and try to better understand relationships between individual need for expression and structural forces in the given context of interaction.

Further options and registration will be announced here and via the project newsletter

Details on participating

Why participate?

  • gain new perspectives on (your own) language and the meaningfulness of using it in our everyday lives
  • exchange thoughts on issues and joys of language use with others
  • engage with an alternative form of language education
  • develop personal reflection skills
  • contribute to research on societal language issues
  • options to share your own thoughts in blog entries

What can you expect?

  • Respectful and qualititve research
  • Transparency throughout the process of research
  • Regular updates and insights in form of Blog entries
  • Personal development
  • Engagement with interested other persons
  • Having a chance to have your say

Who can participate?

  • anyone who is interested in enquiring language as an everyday life practice
  • in some participation formats age 18+ is required
  • online options can be attended by participants around the globe
  • local participation options will be held in Austria (Vienna, Graz, Linz)

What about personal data?

Your data will be treated with care, in line with DSGVO and used only for purposes of research. Where data is published, it will be done so only with your consent and in anonymized form (except for possible co-authored blog entries). For each format of participation you will be informed about data policy and be asked for your consent.

Privacy Policy of this Page

How can you participate?

  • Surveys
  • Workshops
  • 6 group-sessions of guided exploration into your own language experience
  • Blog entries

Which languages are needed?

The formats of participation are designed in ways that try to include all speakers who want to participate. As a default, English will be used as a lingua franca – however – we will appropriate our language use to the speakers participating. If you are uncertain about participation because of language issues, please contact me and we’ll try to find a way (e.g. interpreters, colleagues, etc.)