Since today, 7. Oct 2021, the survey on lived language is closed. Thanks to everyone who participated and who shared the survey! I received over 30 language experiences and met some of you for follow-up interviews. Thank you for your will to contribute and for sharing your experiences!

For my doctoral thesis I will now analyze your contributions for recurring topics to find out what the core topics are that come to your mind when you think about language.

Further participation options

After the online survey you can also participate – in person (not just virtually) – in workshops in Graz and Vienna to explore your language experiences together with others. Additionally, there is the option for an online meeting – a so called „Philo-Salon“ – in which we philosophize about a selected topic concering language and language experience. For example: What does it mean to share a language? When do we speak of ’sharing‘ a language?

Workshops in Graz


with Public Library Graz

Autumn 2021
23. Aug / 4. Oct / 8. Nov / 13. Dec

Visitors of the Public Library are meeting to explore their everyday language-lives and what our language(s) have to do with ‘good life’.

Workshops in Vienna

„Sprache & das gute Leben“

with Azima Projekt and FremdeWerdenFreunde

Place: Freunde Salon,
Garnisongasse 11, 1090 Vienna

21. Oct / 28. Oct / 4. Nov / 11. Nov

Visitors of the Freunde Salons are meeting to explore the relationship between language and the ‘good life’.

Online Philo-Salon

Online Philo Salon

We meet to philosophize about a chosen topic related to (the lived experience of) language.

For example: What does it mean to share a language? When would we speak of ‘shared’ language?

After a short input regarding the topic question, we engage in the attempt to understand, together.

Place: Online room (Zoom)

Time: will be fixed with the participants